• Logistics Hiring Surge in California’s Inland Empire Can’t Satisfy Demand

    The number of people working in transportation and warehousing near the nation’s busiest port complex in Southern California has surged almost 24% during the Covid-19 pandemic, but even so, plenty of vacancies remain.




  • Virtual Vision: Futuristic cockpit opening just like on a jet.

    The glass dome for climbing into the Porsche Vision Gran Turismo is a playful highlight. The front, with its ultralow four-point light signature and individual modular light sources, represents an experimental next stage of development of the current brand face.

  • REVIEW: AUTOart Audi R8 FIA GT GT3 Presentation

    Some of us that collect scale model cars do have a soft spot for presentation versions, sometimes referred to as plain body.  AUTOart recently released 1:18 version of the Audi R8 FIA GT GT3 in White and Red with a full livery version just around the corner.  From a collector standpoint, it is nice to see AUTOart entering the Audi arena once again.